The first stage involves initial discussion about your requirements and any existing ideas you may have, including any preferences for a particular style or look. An approximate quote can be given at this point and material costs will be calculated and included in the fee.

There are many ways in which I can create a piece of artwork, such as a line drawing, linocut, a watercolour or acrylic painting, depending on the nature of the commission. Take a look at how I work to get a feel for some of these different techniques.

As my ideas evolve, I will provide rough sketches, via post or email, and I welcome the input and feedback from clients, to make sure that they are happy with how the artwork is developing.

For most of my illustration work, the final artwork can be provided in physical or digital format as required.

The three pictures below illustrate the process of creating the original sketches and the progression through to the final illustrations for a magazine article.